March 2020

A common term used these days to describe people who are seeking social justice in secular ways is to to ask the question of what it means to be “woke.” That is, is the person seeking justice is “woke” to the reality of injustice?

The Bible talks about being “woke,” but not in terms of secular, social justice. In Romans 13:11 the Apostle Paul calls God’s people “ wake from sleep” and embrace God’s great salvation in Jesus Christ. Further, in Ephesians 5:14 once again Paul calls the church at Ephesus to “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.” Paul draws this quote from Isaiah 51:17; 52:1; 60:1 and Malachi 4:2 to challenge God’s people to awaken from their spiritual sleepwalking and to live intentionally and powerfully.

Christianity is breaking out all over the world. The word from China, Indonesia, the Middle East, Africa, some places in South America and in certain parts of Eastern Europe is that the gospel is making great progress as people are coming to faith in Christ in large numbers. God is moving in great ways on nearly every continent, EXCEPT in North America.

In North America we have become so comfortable in our easy living that we no longer live “as if” we need God. God has become a novelty, an option among other options. We are not burdened by our need for God. We are not burdened for the lost. We are not passionate about
Jesus, the Bible, and the Church. Too many of us have become casual Christians. We always “play it safe” rather than risk anything great for Jesus. We have bought into the American dream that safety, security, and health are the ultimate goals in life. While these are important considerations, they ought not be the #1 priorities of life. We are spiritually asleep.

Let us hear once again the voice of the Holy Spirit. Let us awaken to our continual need for Jesus. Let us obey God’s Word. Let us truly be a people of the Book. To be “woke” in biblical terms is another term for REVIVAL. In this way, let us be a “woke” people.

Pastor Kevin